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Three hob ferret kits available two polecats and one silver off working stock well handled.kindly email for more info and pics
Snowball was just rescued from DEATH ROW at East Valley Animal rescue shelter! He is a healthy dwarf hotot mixture who loves to eat vegetables and explore. He needs a loving home and a wife to boot! Here's his story on Facebook! https://www.facebook.com/Bunny-World-Foundation-125339407504490/photos/?tab=album&album_id=1198521603519593 Not much is known about Snowball's life before the shelter, ...
Ashley and Archie are the perfect bundle of sassy and lovable. Ashley (the black bunny) is the boss lady, always keeping an eye and ears out, no 1 picks on this lady. She is also a sweetheart who likes a back rub, and will probably be the 1st one to warm up to you. However you need to earn her trust before you are allowed to pick her up without protests. Archie has the softest fur you can imagi...
Beautiful orange bunny boy who developed an eye infection and had to have his left eye removed. He should be ok from now on. Please email us or apply for him at www.larabbits.org for more info.
Our little Lionheaded girl looks like a piece of candy! She's much admired so we expect her to be adopted quickly--please get your application in at https://larabbits.org/adoption-application/ soon. Bit O' Honey is also featured on the blog www.beautyandourbeasts.com--check it out!
Things one and 2 have some issues. Thing 1, the brown and white Dutch boy, developed head tilt. With treatment, he got better; then he relapsed, and then he got better again. Now as you see, he's pretty nice! Sometimes his head tilts a bit too forward, but not always these days. He comes with his Spot X sister, Thing 2. They have chasing sessions, but they still love each other terribly and he ...
Russette came from a group of 4 full grown rabbits dumped in a box outside an animal rescue shelter. She's afraid of people and may always be. Also, she likes to boss other rabbits around! She's going to be hard to find a home for, needs a special human. Maybe someone who likes her distinctive. Castor Rex X look?
Look at those big brown eyes! She's a beauty. Annika came from a group of 4 fully grown rabbits dumped in a box outside an animal rescue shelter. She's afraid of people and may always be. Also, she likes to boss other rabbits around! She's going to be hard to find a home for, needs a special human.
Fanny is 1 of twelve babies trapped in a neighborhood when mom and dad were let loose and together they caused an overrun of babies. Bunny World Foundation volunteers work tirelessly to trap mom, dad and babies so they were safe from the many predators in the neighborhood. if you are interested in adopting Fanny, please contact Bunny World Foundation at XXXX@bunnyworldfoundation.org and we will...
Looking for love Male Hi! I m EB. I m a sweet, happy boy and love being part of family life. In my foster home, I follow The Toddler everywhere, even when she s zooming around on her trike. I enjoy being picked up and carried around. You ll love my soft, fluffy coat. If I haven t seen you for a while, I get so excited that I make tiny grunt noises and run around and between your legs! And you l...
Cookie's life started out rough! She and her nine babies (2days old!) were dumped at the shelter by someone who says they "found" them at a park . Who could just dump such adorable creatures? Anyways cookie and her family got saved by BWF and grew stronger and are now ready for their forever home! If you're interested in this stunning momma Cookie is a fearless little girl. She is 2yrs old! She...
I am an easy going cute boy. I love my sister and live to make her happy. She is my Sunshine! When she is happy, my whole world is perfect! I love that, so I chin everything to claim it part of my world. I m just a grateful and content boy. I have a few spots on my back (like a cute pickle) so it's easy to spot me. We are lucky buns! Brother and Sister babies [four months old] rescued from an a...
We are a truly "Lucky Bunnies!" We are looking for a loving home. In return we will give you kisses, love, and bring you lots of luck. This is our story. . . . . We were rescued from Santee Alley, LA Garment District where we were being bred and sold illegally at a mere eight 21 days old. Babies are supposed to stay with their mothers for at least eight weeks. When taken from our mother, our ey...
Camille was on the Kill List at East Valley Shelter (LAAS) before BWF rescued her. Even though she is tiny, this striking orange girl is full of spunk. She s very social and hangs out in a loving foursome. Camille was a baby when abandoned at a high kill shelter. She would love a home that would love and cherish her for the rest of her bunny life! If you are interested in adopting Camille pleas...
Lucy & Ricky are a bonded pair of Lionhead and smooth white bunnies with blue eyes. They're adorable, neutered and use a hay box. Their caretaker's fiance developed severe asthma such that it is life-threatening for them to keep the rabbits. Everyone is heartbroken. They're desperate to keep the rabbits out of the animal shelters and we want to help. If you can help in any way (by adopting, fos...
Taffy was born in a high kill shelter and was rescued with his mom Cookie her dad S mores and her siblings. Taffy is an exact match to his dad S mores, attractive and cheeky with a lot of playfulness. If you are interested in adopting Taffy please contact Bunny World Foundation at XXXX@bunnyworldfoundation.org and we will send you an adoption package. Thank you! ~BWF For more info: www.bunnywor...
Honey Bunny was born in June 2016 and he was born with three other siblings. He is the most precious bunny in the world, I promise! He loves to be sung to and his favorite song is " This little light of mine". Once I sang to him for over an hour while I cleaned his eyes from this eye infection he had and he would make little noises and he fell asleep and was so peaceful! So since then I sing th...
BunBun was born in June 2016. I found her in my backyard and she has been the kindest loving girl! She loves carrots!! She makes little precious noises and she love when you sing to her. She loves going up on things and climbing above boxes or shelves in her crate! She is very smart and loving and likes to rub her head on your shoes when you show up to say hi :) Kindest soul in a bunny!
Goldie was born in 2016, she is shy and loving, she loves when you pet her under her eyes and she loves to go under things and play with documents and newspaper while hiding under things! She loves her greens and veggies but her real favorite is carrots. She also like apples as a treat! She is calm and shy but really loving. She loves when someone sings to her :)
Juneau (they should have named her Angel, 'cause she is one!) was rescued from a high kill shelter as a young kit. She is a exquisite white with blue eyes beauty. She has a really precious demeanor, likes being petted -- she is a funny girl & gets really "flat" when you are petting her (like in the picture); she's not afraid - honest... She will snuggle next to you while you pet her watching TE...
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